Chillers for Industrial Filtration

Filtration Chiller 1

Applications for cutting tools utilize process fluids requiring filtration. They need to keep each system free from contaminants. These applications typically require a form of heat dissipation, and our closed loop inline or drop-in chiller can maintain temperature and reduce contamination in water or oil filtration systems. Production Engineering and Koolant Koolers have been trusted partners for many OEM filtration applications.

Industrial filtration applications often need system "friendly" cooling technology that can "drop" into existing tanks. The cooling provided will extend the life of system components, e.g. motors, linear actuators, high and low pressure pumps, nozzles, etc. Whether using oil, water soluble oil, or other cutting fluids, the Koolant Koolers standard A Series or D Series chillers will meet your requirements. 

If your application can use a close loop, stand alone chiller, in series with your process equipment, one of our standard chillers may fit your application. Depending on cooling load, you may consider a J Series, S Series, W Series, or P Series chiller. If not, our engineers will modify or design and build a cooling system that meets your requirements. 

You’re on your way to finding the Best Chiller value for your Industrial filtration application.