Modular Chillers

Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions (GDTS) has designed several modular systems for applications that required efficient cooling without any interruption for maintenance, such as critical uptime applications. Modular systems provide the peace of mind that several processes can be cooled by one central system.

Using the proprietary Wave Design System Intelligence, the modular system uses a specially designed controller for efficient cooling and even wear on the components. This flexible design can be customized to expand for future growth.

The pressurized P Series chiller design is self-contained with each module hosting its own pump, tank and header piping. The control system’s design permits a single module to operate as a stand-alone chiller with an ability to add modules and a master controller as cooling capacity needs grow.

The Value of Redundancy:

Ideal with varying heat loads: In systems with varying heat loads, redundant chillers are ideal as they will only use half of the system at lower cooling demands making it very energy efficient. Both systems will come online only when demand requires it.
Longer component life: Using individual modules only when the load requires it ensures a longer life of expensive components.
Easy expansion: If expansion is on the horizon the purchase of a redundant chiller with double the capacity upfront and be more affordable than the addition of a second chiller just down the road and redundant systems allow for easy expansion with the purchase of additional modules when the time comes.
Loss prevention: With a redundant system a failure will result in a loss of only half of the system's cooling capacity.
Peace of mind: Even when your application does not call for a redundant system, the minor price increase provides peace of mind that will more than pay for itself if a problem were to arise on a non-redundant system.

• Dual refrigeration circuits
• Redundant fluid pumps with automatic switchover
• Water/glycol single fluid circuit system
• Quiet operation and energy efficient design
• Removable panels - easily serviced with ready access to interior components
• UL standard, CE and CSA available upon request
• Remote monitoring package available

N+1: Modular Chillers with Redundancy - choose your capacity:
The capacity of a fully redundant unit is based on the number of modules in line and the capacity of the individual modules. The modules can be built to any design specifications but most come in modules of 15 tons, 30 tons, 40 tons or 60 tons. The total capacity of the system is virtually limitless. By adding one more module than the capacity requires, redundancy is achieved; hence N+1.
For example: A unit with three 20 ton modules has a total capacity available of 60 tons. If the unit cycles through the modules continually, in order to retain the life of components or meet the needs of a varying heat load, the redundant capacity of this unit would be two of the three modules or a redundant capacity of 40 tons at any time, with 100% uptime. Expanding to 60 tons of redundant capacity only requires the addition of one module.

Check out our P Series equipment, it is ideal for applications that need redundancy for critical uptime and serviceability. Koolant Koolers chillers provide exceptional designs that are tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

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