Chillers for Semiconductor Industry

Industrial Chillers for Silicon Wafer Manufacturing and Research

Controlled temperature is important in the production of semiconductor devices. The process requires highly precise and effective liquid cooling or air cooling. We provide thermal temperature management for many chip manufacturing technologies with liquid chillers for the semiconductor industry.

The semiconductor industry has experienced growth in recent years and Koolant Koolers has not missed the opportunity to grow with it. These semiconductor systems have specific needs that require precise temperature control, resulting in lower defects and greater yields during rapid thermal processing of silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry. Chillers that provide accurate temperature control are also important for environmental control and energy conservation.

We offer several complete lines of high-quality recirculating refrigerated fluid chillers that can be integrated into the production of silicon wafers manufacturing and semiconductor research and development.

Since 1952 Koolant Koolers has proven to be a reliable supplier of fluid chillers for applications in many industries. We will design a standard system for you or, if needed, design to customer requirements for size, portability, operating conditions, thermal load, and system footprint.

Designed for the industrial environment with a long service life in mind these chillers are recommended for all types of semiconductor manufacturing processes.

You’re on your way to finding the Best Chiller value for your Semiconductor application.