Chillers for Grinding & Spindle Cooling

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Heat is the #1 enemy of machine tool components.

Since the spindle is a prime source of heat in any machine, precautions must be taken to minimize any adverse affects. A cool spindle will last longer, provide more power, and greater precision.

Smaller high speed spindles are typically air cooled. The power levels are relatively low and small bearings generate moderate levels of heat. Excess heat, created by motor losses and bearings, are generally dissipated by air fed through the spindle, air flow around the spindle housing, and heat absorbed by the metal spindle holding bracket.                   

Spindle Coolant Chilling 
Larger high speed spindles, however, are typically cooled with an external fluid, including oil or a water based solution. The fluid is supplied by a chiller system, such as our Koolant Koolers system, consisting of a pump, storage tank, Freon-based refrigeration unit, and electrical controls. The main function of the chiller is to circulate fluid through the spindle housing while maintaining the fluid temperature within one degree Centigrade. Electrical controls maintain flow, temperature, and tell the CNC if any alarm conditions occur.

Motorized spindles are prone to heat related disturbances since the motor is directly connected to the spindle shaft, which is in direct contact with the cutting tool. As the heat from the motor travels down the shaft, thermal growth can alter the spindle dimensions and affect cutting tool precision. Excess heat can also shorten the expected life of spindle bearings, seals, and other internal components. For these reasons it is easy to see why keeping a spindle cool is vital to long-term productivity and efficiency.

Chillers for Machine Tool Spindles:                  

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Use of an industrial Koolant Koolers chiller is an excellent option for removing excess heat in a machine tool spindle. Liquid chillers operate in much the same way as your refrigerator. Cool liquid (water, glycol, etc.) is circulated from the chiller unit through insulated lines to a cooling jacket surrounding the spindle's rotor where heat is the greatest. This heated coolant then flows back to the chiller unit where it is chilled and circulated back to the spindle again. These units are ideal for motorized spindles with high horsepower ratings.

While the initial capital investment can be somewhat higher for liquid chiller systems, over time, the lower operating costs and extended spindle life can equal lower total cost of ownership. For those customers with multiple spindles in one location, a properly sized Koolant Koolers unit can usually supply the cooling needs for several spindles simultaneously.

Chillers for Grinding applications:                  

Chillers Surface grinding

From cutting fluids - to hydraulic oils - to flooding coolant, a chiller will increase production and maintain accuracy & repeatability of your grinding machine. Furthermore, a chiller can eliminate heat within coolant and hydraulic oil in a 24/7 "lights out" operation.

We offer customers a variety of Koolant Koolers chiller systems for centerless, ID, OD, double disc and surface grinding machines. Should your application require a specific or custom cooling solution, Production Engineering and Glen Dimplex engineers can help provide engineered products to meet your exact specifications including controls, integration, footprint, functionality and temperature stability.

You’re on your way to finding the Best Chiller value for your grinding or spindle cooling applications.